AutoMainPNG 項目説明


  • メニュー

    • スマホ種類 Operating system

      You can set iPhone and Android w.
      Be sure to set the target OS in order to perform the processing that can be operated when creating the script.

    • 動作モード Action mode

      Pixel Mode
      This is the mode when automatic operation is set.
      PNG Mode
      Used when saving as a PNG image
      It is a function to save the necessary parts in the image when performing an image search with AutoTouch or AnkuLua.
      BMP Mode
      Used when saving as a BMP image
      ICO Mode
      Used when saving as an ICO image

    • 色認識曖昧度 RGBChek

      色の比較時に曖昧度を設定しています。 高いほど曖昧になり、低いほど厳しくなります。
      The ambiguity is set when comparing colors. The higher it is, the more ambiguous it becomes, and the lower it is, the more severe it becomes.

    • 待機時間 WaitTime

      It is the time from the tap processing to the next color recognition operation. Normally it is 3000ms, but if you make it smaller, it will work faster.
      It can be set in the range of 5000 to 500 ms. With the setting of 500ms, if it is slow until the screen switches, there is a risk of tapping many times.

    • 画像複製 Img Copy

      If you want to reuse the same image, you can duplicate the image.

    • 画像消去 Img Delete

      If there are unnecessary images, they will be deleted from the list.

    • 行のクリア row Clear

      If there are unnecessary images, they will be deleted from the list.

    • スクリプト作成 Make Out

      Create a script.

  • メニュー1

    • フォルダー名 Forder name

      Set the folder name to put the screenshot.

    • フォルダーを追加 Dir Add

      If there are unnecessary images, they will be deleted from the list.

    • フォルダー開く Dir Open

      Open the settings folder.

    • リストPNG保存 List PNG Save

      Make a duplicate of the PNG image on the list.
      If you move the screenshot to a folder, the image will move and will no longer be in the original folder.
      So I created this button.

    • 座標X Img Widh

      • 座標Y Img Height


      • 画像縦・画像横。ファイル名・画像縮小・グレー色・Save PNG frametop,frameleft,File name,Imgscale,greyScale

      • ウインドウを一括で全面に配置 Place windows infront at same time  windows Activate

      • ウインドウの位置をリセット Reset windows Position

      • LargeViewの表示領域を変更 LageView Setting

      • メニュー2

          • PTP タップの前(後)に処理する Process before(after) tap

            As shown in the following example, the processing is divided into PBT (before tapping) and PAT (after tapping).

      • ロングタップ long tap

        Touch the set part for a long time (eg 500ms) and then release it.

      • 待機(ウエイト) Wait

        Wait for the set time.

      • タップ Tap

        Tap the setting location. 200ms is the waiting time after tapping


      • スライド slide

        Move your finger from StarTp to EndP over 1000ms.

      • 繰り返し処理 DoLoop

        Repeat the tap the set number of times. It is possible to put multiple commands between Do and Loop.

      • 分岐セット ロック If Set Lock

        You can lock the script number (B0000) of the image that is controlling the script and register the script number to other images from the “Branch set" button. This allows you to use the same script.

      • 挿入 更新 Insert  update

        このボタンをクリックすると 挿入と更新が切り替わります。
        Click this button to switch between insert and update.
        The script inserts (adds) when the insertion is set.
        At the time of update setting, you can change the contents of Counts and PTP of Count of the script.


      • 画像検索タップ ImgTap

        画像検索用の画像を保存します。保存方法はメニューウインドウの動作モードを[PNG Mode]に変更し画像取得設定から画像の大きさを設定し座標を調整後[Save PNG]にて画像を保存します。アンドロイド用のAnkuLuaはグレー色が動作が軽くなるようです。
        Save images for image search. To save, change the operation mode of the menu window to [PNG Mode], set the size of the image from the image acquisition settings, adjust the coordinates, and then save the image with [Save PNG]. Anku Lua for android seems to be lighter in gray.


        When you return to the script settings and press the image search button, a folder for selecting the image will appear, so select the image. Set the range to search for images as shown in the next screen. If you press OK without setting anything, it will be a full screen search and it will take time. By deciding the start point and endpoint, the search will be performed within the range that draws a diagonal square.

        スクリプトを作成するとこのような構文が作成されます。例はiPhoneです。Creating a script

        creates this syntax. An example is the iPhone.

      • 画像検索分岐 ImgFind


        It is the same to set the search range of the image search tap. After that, you’ll set the script in place.
        When the target screen is displayed from the five viscera point data, you can search for the target image in the search range and substitute it in Cot1 that sets how many images there are.


      • ランダム Random


        Randomly executes the commands between Rand, RElse, and End. Click Random to set as follows. In this case, there is only one, so 100% of the commands will be executed in the meantime.


        With the list of Rands selected, click Tap. Tap has been set with RElse. You can enter as many processes as you like. It is possible to include processing other than tapping.

      • ピンチイン Pinch in

        Shrink the map etc. Maybe it doesn’t work properly … I’ll check it later.

      • ピンチアウト Pinch out


        Enlarge the map etc. Maybe it doesn’t work properly … I’ll check it later.


      • スクリプト削除 Delete row

        Delete the script on the selected line.


      • スクリーンショット Screenshot

        Take a screenshot.


      • タップキャンセル Tapcancel

        Cancels the tap at the Tap position set in the data.
        There is no point in putting it in PAT (after tapping).


      • 分岐用カウント Count

      • 分岐キャンセル CountCLS

      • ▲上に移動 MoveUp

        対象外 IF..Then / Ran / Do
        Move the contents of the script up.
        Not applicable IF..Then / Ran / Do


      • ▼下に移動 Movedown

        対象外 IF..Then / Ran / Do
        Move the contents of the script down.
        Not applicable IF .. Then / Ran / Do

      • IF..Then(分岐 if..then

        If processing is difficult with image data alone, a branch instruction enables complicated processing.

      • 分岐用カウント数 if.count

        Set before inserting if minutes. If the number of the branch count name exceeds the set value, the processing in if .. Then is performed.

      • 分岐用カウント名 if.CountName

        Set before inserting if minutes. There are 9 branch count names, Cot1 to Cot9.


      • コメントの記入 Comment

        You can add a comment. By describing it in an image or script, the content will be easier to understand.


      • findColor(AutoTouch for iPhone) findColor

      • 色検索タップ findCtap

      • 色検索分岐 cindCif


      • 画面変換機能(iPhone用)Screen convesion(Autotouch for iPhone)

      • 稼働可能時間 Time limit


      • シリアル又はIMEIで解除する。 Serrial Number or IMEI