PDF Magical Renamer (ReNamePDF)

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🌟**PDF detective app: “PDF Magical Renamer (ReNamePDF)”**🌟

Introducing a new app that unravels the mysteries hidden in your PDF files! “PDF Magical Renamer (ReNamePDF)" automatically generates interesting file names from the information hidden in PDF files.

Vector registered

PDF Magical Renamer(ReName PDF)
The file registered to Vector is an old version, so please download it from the link below.


ReNamePDF  Fixed a bug
ReNamePDF  Fixed a bug
ReNamePDF  Fixed a bug with OCR function of scanner PDF
ReNamePDF  Added OCR function for scanner PDF
ReNamePDF  Remove OCR function of scanner PDF because license is required
ReNamePDF  Error improvement & Added scanner PDF OCR function (takes time)
ReNamePDF  Error improvement
ReNamePDF  Supports Proxy and Error improvement

🔮**Magic Step**🔮

1. 🕵️‍♂️**Evidence Collection**: Upload your PDF file and the app’s magical spider will thoroughly examine the text within the file!

2. 🎩**Magic Generation**: A magical spider parses the text and extracts unique information from the contents of the file. Based on that, we create exciting new file names.

3.✨ **Rename Magic**: Automatically generated file names are hilariously creative and funny! Take your PDF files to new adventures by simply renaming them in bulk.

4. 🎉**Grand Finale**: All files will get new names and your file folder will turn from chaos to smile.


– Automatic magic: Leave the tedious work to the app. No hassle!

– Text decoding: Dive into the deep world of PDF files and discover interesting information.

– Unique names: File names can be excitingly creative, giving you something new to discover every time.

– Stress-free: PDF detective app turns your file organization into a fun adventure!

📜**Note**: This is just a fun entertainment app. Check the file contents before making changes to important files.

Now, start your adventure with a new file name! Experience the magic of file names with “PDF Magical Renamer (ReNamePDF)"!🚀✨


Program content

1. Library selection:
– Select a library for working with PDF files. For C#, `Docotic.Pdf` and `iTextSharp` are commonly used. Use these libraries to extract text from PDF files.

2. Extract text from PDF file:
– Extract text from PDF files using the library of your choice. This allows you to retrieve the contents of the file as text.

3. Process text:
– Process the extracted text to extract information for determining file names. This is useful when certain keywords or patterns are present within the PDF file.

4. Rename file:
– Generate new filenames. This uses information extracted from the text. Use the `IO` library etc. to change the file name.

5. File renaming and error handling:
– Rename the file and save the original PDF file with a new file name. Add error handling to deal with any problems that occur during processing.

6. Batch processing:
– Implement a method for batch processing multiple PDF files. This includes a script that loops through all PDF files in a folder.

7. User interface (optional):
– If necessary, add a GUI-based user interface to facilitate user interaction.

8. Test:
– Test your app and make sure it works properly. Test using different PDF files to check error handling.

9. Documentation:
– Document and provide to your users the usage instructions and limitations of your app.

10. Deploy (optional):
– Deploy the app to a live environment, if necessary. This includes ways to automate batch processing.

“PDF Magical Renamer (ReNamePDF)"

ReNamePDF 最新版はこちらのページをご覧ください